Oil and Lubricants

Yamaha Trinidad and Tobago


This proprietary, alcohol-free blend fights moisture, oxidation, and phase separation in ethanol enriched fuels, and protects fuel system metals from corrosion. Use continuous treat rate if out of season fuel will sit in a tank for 7+ days. The storage treat rate keeps fuel fresh for up to one year. The 16-oz. size has a chambered bottle for easy measuring, and the 3.2-oz. size is blended to add to 5 gallons of gas for extra convenience.

Yamalube Oil Change Kits

World-class protection, all in one convenient, high-performance package. With Yamalube Marine Oil Change Kits, giving your legendary Yamaha outboard or watercraft the protection it deserves is easy. Kits are engine-specific, including everything you need—oil, oil filter and drain seals—all in one convenient kit.

Yamalube 4M

NMMA® FC-W® for Four Stroke Outboards

Boat owners wanting the best protection for their four stroke outboards should look no further than Yamalube 4M FC-W®. Superior rust and corrosion additives that far exceed any passenger car requirement keep an engine safe in the harshest of environments.

Maximum Lubricity

Automotive engines do not usually run at 6000 rpm. Yamaha Outboard engines were designed to run at full throttle (5500 to 6000 rpm) all day long. At this speed it is critical that engine oil not foam. Foaming reduces lubricity which can lead to wear and over time this can lead to failure. Yamalube 4M FC-W®has the best blend of anti-foam technology available.

NMMA® FC-W®Approved

In order for an oil to be approved by the NMMA® to hold its highest rating for marine engine oils, FC-W® (Four Cycle – Water cooled), it must pass a multitude of tests. Passenger car oils don’t pass these tests, which is why it’s important to use NMMA®-certified Yamalube 4M FC-W®

Yamalube 2M

NMMA® TC-W3® for Two Stroke Outboards

Semi-synthetic oil with an exclusive additive blend works to guard against ring stick and carbon build up, while special additives minimize wear. This oil is designed for the most grueling conditions outboards face. Whether it’s extended full-throttle operation, engine- punishing “out-of-the-hole” acceleration, or hour after hour of trolling, this oil can take it. With its extreme level of performance, Yamalube 2M offers the best everyday protection, too.

Rust & Corrosion Protection

Provides the highest level of protection on the market.

NMMA® TC-W3®-Approved

With so many NMMA® TC-W3®-approved marine oils on the market, why insist on Yamalube 2M? Yamaha’s outboards are renowned for their quality, performance and durability. We wouldn’t risk that reputation by offering an inferior oil product. Plus, our proprietary knowledge of our engines and their performance requirements means we can offer the best oil for them. As a result of these high standards for quality and performance, our oils surpass the TC-W3®minimum requirements. Formulated especially for outboard motors. Not recommended for WaveRunner®personal watercraft or Sport Boats.